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The sculptural vessels shown for ‘Wayward’ were initially inspired by ancient Egyptian bronze sistrum (rattles) used in ceremony and ritual worship.  The sistrum being one of the most sacred musical instruments in ancient Egypt, it was believed to hold powerful magical properties.  

As making progressed each vessel developed in it’s own rhythm.  The selecting and arranging of the ribbons of textured clay, layered and then joined became ritual, the repetition of pinching, turning and texturing a meditation.  


Not unlike a pagan offering bowl used in ritual worship and to store offerings for the divine, these compositions contain many thoughts in the making and hold the artists intent in their forms

Ritual Composition 'Rhapsody' hand built, dry glazed
Ritual Composition 'Rondo' hand built, dry glazed
'Ritual Composition' installation for Wayward, group exhibition at M2 Gallery, Surrey Hills
Wayward invite
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