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Interstices - navigating space and interspace

Ceramic work by Jacqueline McBeath, Riti Malik and Gomathi Suresh

In this group exhibition at the Incinerator Art Space we navigated notions of the interstitial through the materiality of clay, its form and surface.  Reflecting on connection to the environment and the spaces we live in; our relationship with our bodies, and how that is connected to our inner selves; our connections as women, and creatives.  Endeavouring to bring our individual thought processes and emotional responses to the notions of time and space, inspired by the natural world, where every element is different and yet connected

Jacqueline continues to analyse the small moments in life, with particular regard to the domestic and how these play into the roles of woman, wife, mother, and friend.  These moments could be perceived as insignificant, but the potentiality within each is enormous.   Often they are pivotal, consider a decision made, next step taken, or an idea formed.  These works reflect on the potentiality of interstitial moments, the liminal spaces between each heartbeat, each breath, each thought and their ability to affect and change our lives.  Her collection represents a series of small moments in life that lead towards destiny and each can be seen as a part of the continuum of artists choices

'Each a Goddess' installation. Porcelain on slate. Photo:artist
Porcelain shard on canvas painted in French ultramarine oil paint
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